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New Hampshire - Cannon to Hampton Beach

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Course Legs

Click here to download the complete set of NH 2014 course directions.
Click here to download the NH 2014 Course Profile

A Word About The Course

As you might imagine, putting together a route that involves over 200 miles and 30 towns and communities can be quite a challenge. Each year we do our best to provide you with some of the best scenery that New Hampshire has to offer while also showcasing as many State Parks along the way. It's also an opportunity for you to meet many of the wonderful, community organizations who help us along the way.

We do our best to ensure that the distances of each leg of the RTB Relay are as accurate as possible. However, due to the variety of measurement techniques available to you (and to us), you may find that our published distances don't line up with what you've measured. Generally speaking, you should expect our distance accuracies to be within .2 miles for any single leg. This year, however, we’ve added the GPS coordinates for each leg so that you can leverage some of the latest technology in getting you from ‘A’ to ‘B’. Take a peek at the first page of the complete set of course maps to see the Course GPS Lookup Table.

We hope you enjoy the route that we've designed for you this year. We also ask that you please respect the towns and communities that you travel through as it is only with their permission and cooperation that this event can be run.


The following are general descriptions of each leg and are intended to provide you with a preview of the Reach the Beach route. Please use the course maps for specific navigation detail, including GPS coordinates and elevation profiles.
Leg 1: 7.97 miles: moderate [map]
The starting leg begins at the base of Cannon Mountain and joins the Recreational Trail just passed the exit from I-93. It then heads north and eventually brings you out to Rt. 3 where you will continue to run towards Mt. Washington and your first Transition Area – Beaver Brook Wayside Rest Area. This TA was the site of our very first starting area back in 1999.

This is a No Trash zone. Please do not unload any garbage at this site.

Leg 2: 8.96 miles: hard [map]
Leg 2 is one of the longest legs of the race and is rated "hard" due to its length. You will continue down Rt. 3 into the town of Twin Mountain, NH. Once there, you will head east onto Rt. 302 and transition at Bretton Woods Ski resort which was been part of RTB for 9 out of the past 10 years.

Leg 3: 3.88 miles: easy [map]
Take in the grandeur that is Mt. Washington. Leg 3 continues heading east on Rt. 302 towards Crawford Notch and offers the runner some really majestic views. This leg concludes at a new Transition Area – the AMC's Highland Lodge. Feel free to wander inside the lodge, learn more about the Appalachian Mountain Club and grab a bite to eat at their restaurant.

Leg 4: 2.90 miles: moderate [map]
Leg 4 is easy on distance but not elevation. You will leave TA3 and then begin your decent into Crawford Notch on your way to TA4 – the Willey House. Watch your footing as the elevation drop can be extreme.
Leg 5: 5.50 miles: easy [map]
Still more downhill awaits the runners of Leg 5, though not as steep. Be wary of the logging trucks that travel this main thoroughfare from the north woods of New Hampshire and Maine.

This is a No Trash zone. Please do not unload any garbage at this site.
Leg 6: 8.62 miles: hard [map]
Leg 6 continues the downhill trend but in a less obvious way. You will pass through the smallest town in New Hampshire (Harts Location – population 42) before entering the Town of Bartlett where you will arrive at the first Vehicle Transition Area (VTA) – Attitash Ski Area.

We have stopped here before in years past but this will be the first time it will be used as a VTA. This will also be the site of our first "recycling center" so don't forget to offload your recyclables here.

Leg 7: 7.23 miles: moderate [map]
We will visit a familiar friend in Echo Lake State Park. Except this time, it will be as TA7 so the congestion should be less. Take some time and go for a dip in the lake. Be sure to give out a scream while in the water and you'll understand why they call it Echo Lake.

This is a No Trash zone. Please do not unload any garbage at this site.

Leg 8: 6.61 miles: moderate [map]
The Town of Conway awaits the runners of Leg 8 so be cautious of the increasing traffic as you approach the center of town. You will arrive at the intersection of Rt. 16 and Rt. 153, turn right and cross over the road by the local police. From there it will be just a short jog over to the Ham Arena and TA8.
Leg 9: 6.36 miles: moderate [map]
Leg 9 will put you on Rt. 16 heading south for a short while before turning left onto Rt. 113. This is a busy road with a narrow shoulder so use caution. You will continue down Rt. 113 for the entire leg eventually bearing to the right and heading towards the transition at the Madison Elementary School.

Please note that school is in session until 3:45 PM so PLEASE DO NOT attempt to park at the school before this time. Team support vehicles that arrive early may park at the ball field about 200 yards past the school.
Leg 10: 5.11 miles: moderate [map]
Leg 10 leaves the transition and continues along Route 113 for the entire leg, passing along Silver Lake for some great views. The runners will cross Rt. 16 again and then make a quick right onto Rt. 113. After a short climb you will turn right and head down the dirt road that will take you to the Brass Heart Inn — one of our favorite places in New Hampshire. The restored New England barn is often open to runners for food and drinks.

Leg 11: 4.8 miles: easy [map]
Once you leave the Inn, you will head back out towards Rt. 113 and turn left. Please use caution and follow the police direction as you cross over the road as there may be oncoming cars. You will quickly rejoin Rt. 16 and follow it for several miles south before making a right turn into White Lake State Park and Transition Area #11.

Note: this is a great place to rest if you're in the "Off" van. There is also a beautiful beach area near the TA parking lot so why not grab a towel and take a refreshing dip in the lake?

Leg 12: 3.87 miles: easy [map]
The runners for Leg 12 will leave White Lake State Park from the back entrance (vehicles will double back to Rt. 16) and turn right onto Depot Road. Continue along Route 16 for seven tenths of a mile before taking a right turn onto Depot Road. The course continues on Depot Road until the intersection with Tamworth Road where it turns left. Follow Tamworth Road for eight tenths of a mile before reaching the Kenneth Brett School and transition #12. This is VTA #2.

Note: as with Leg 9, due to school being in session, team vehicles will not be permitted at this TA until at least 5:00pm.
Leg 13: 3.91 miles: easy [map]
Leg 13 continues on Tamworth Road to a right turn onto Whittier Road. Continue on this road before taking a right turn onto Route 113. You will go a short distance before turning right onto Bunker Hill Rd. The transition is located in front of the Community School on your right.

Topography: This leg is mainly flat.
Leg 14: 7.57 miles: moderate [map]
Leg 14 leaves the transition and circles back onto Rt. 113 through the back of the school. You will head back onto Rt. 113 and then turn right onto Rt. 25. From here, you will follow this road all the way into the Town of Moultonborough, NH. Shortly after, you’ll be turning left onto Blake Rd and then into the driveway for TA 14 – Moultonborough Academy.
Leg 15: 4.91 miles; moderate [map]
Leg 15 exits the Academy and takes you back onto Rt. 25 towards the Town of Center Harbor where you will transition at the Center Harbor Congregational Church on the right.
Leg 16: 6.52 miles: hard [map]
Leg 16 leaves the transition and goes straight (up) onto Old Center Harbor Rd. This road turns from paved to gravel as it climbs into the hillside. The runners will turn right onto Follet Rd and follow this to the end (Rt. 25B). Following a sharp left turn, you will go down a steep decent of about a mile before making a left turn onto College Rd. You will follow this picturesque road until you merge with Route 3 where the runners will make a left and head towards the scenic town of Meredith and TA #16 at Prescott Park on the left.
Leg 17: 8.98 miles: hard [map]
Leg 17 leaves transition area #17, crosses the dock area of Lake Winnipesaukee, and then climbs steeply for about a mile before turning right onto Route 106 (also known as Parade Road) and heads into Laconia. You follow this road passed The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and continue until you hit Lexington Drive where you will turn right. You will follow for about .4 mile until you arrive at New Hampshire Ball Bearing on your right.

Leg 18 (NEW): 5.64 miiles: easy [map]
New Leg Description Coming Soon. Thanks. This is also VTA#3.
Leg 19 (NEW): 6.8 miles:hard [map]
New Leg Description Coming Soon. Thanks
Leg 20 (NEW): 6.83 miles: hard !Wild Card! [map]
Quiet Zone! New Leg Description Coming Soon. Thanks
Leg 21: 8.5 miles: hard QUIET ZONE! [map]
Leg 21 continues down Route 140 for about 1 mile and then veers right onto White Oak Road. You will follow this for a short distance and then make a right turn onto Stage Rd. You will follow Stage Rd for several miles and then turn left onto Rt. 107. TA21/Barton Lumber will be on your right side.
Leg 22: 3.55 miles: easy QUIET ZONE! [map]
Leg 22 leaves Barton Lumber and continues on Rt. 107 until reaching Rt. 28 where you will turn right. You will stay on this route until reaching Leavitt Rd where they will turn left. A quick right turn follows for the runners who will enter a walking path along side an office park (vans will continue going straight for another 100 yards) and then run into TA22 Globe Manufacturing facility parking lot.
Leg 23: 6.24 miles: easy Quiet Zone! [map]
Leg 23 leaves the Globe parking lot and turns right onto Loudon Road. The runners will follow this road back to Route 28 and turn left. They will continue along Route 28 and cross over to the right hand side just before arriving at TA23 – Country Cookin Restaurant located on the right. Side Note: there's a Dunkin Donuts open 24 hours just around the traffic circle beyond the transition.
Side Note: there's a Dunkin Donuts open 24 hours just around the traffic circle beyond the transition.
Leg 24: 6.87 miles: moderate Quiet Zone! [map]
Leg 24 leaves the rotary on Route 28 and heads back into the country. Runners will cross over to the left side and go pass Webster Park (on the left) and take a left turn onto Bear Brook State Park for transition area #24 – which will be the 2nd parking lot on your left. This is also VTA #4 and can accommodate camping.

Leg 25: 4.5 miles: moderate !Wild Card! [map]
Leg 25 introduces the Wild Card Transition. This transition is performed on the road between 4.5 and 8.0 miles from TA24. You will see signs at mile 4.5 declaring the "Wild Card Transition Starts Here" and signs at mile 8.0 indicating where it ends. The challenge is to have the runner for this leg and the runner for the next leg agree how far each one wishes to run. Once this is done, then the runner for Leg 26 simply drives in the team van to the approximate distance from TA24 and waits for their teammate in order to handoff the baton. See the Race Handbook for more details.
Leg 26: 6.4 miles: moderate !Wild Card! [map]
Leg 26 continues the Wild Card transition. This runner will take the baton handoff from the agreed upon location along the route and then take it to TA26: The Henry Moore School and Candia Volunteer Fire Department.
Leg 27: 8.57 miles: hard Quiet Zone! [map]
Leg 27 leaves the Henry W. Moore School on Route 43 and crosses Route 27. Runners will then cross onto Main Street and turn left onto Chester Road where they will wind past farms and fields before turning left onto Route 121. The transition at Chester College of New England is on the left.

PLEASE obey the local speed limits and drive with extreme caution down these roads.
Leg 28: 5.68 miles: moderate Quiet Zone! [map]
Leg 28 continues on Route 121 for the entire way before entering the Town of Sandown where the runners will transition at the Sandown Town Hall on the right.

PLEASE obey the local speed limits and drive with extreme caution down these roads.
Leg 29: 4.08 miles: moderate QUIET ZONE! [map]
Leg 29 follows Route 121A for about 1.9 miles and turns left onto Hawkwood Road. It stays on this road for about 2 miles before becoming Colbey Road. It intersects with Rt. 111A where the runners will turn left. Use caution crossing this road. You will follow Rt. 111A for about .1 mile and transition at the Danville Baptist Church on the right.

PLEASE obey the local speed limits and drive with extreme caution down these roads.
Leg 30: 3.15 miles: easy QUIET ZONE! [map]
Leg 30 runners will leave TA 29 and go about .1 miles before turning right onto Pine St. From there the runners will travel this rural back road for another 1.25 miles and turn right onto Long Pond Rd. After about a .25 this road becomes Danville Rd. and you will continue on this for ~ 1 mile and then make a left onto Rt. 111. The runners will follow Rt. 111 for a short distance before arriving at the Sanborn Regional HS and VTA#5.

PLEASE obey the local speed limits and drive with extreme caution down these roads.
Leg 31: 2.43 miles: easy [map]
Runners will leave TA 30 on Route 111 and will head east towards the center of Kingston. You will pass by Great Pond on your left but don't stop now as this is one of the shortest legs of the race. You will quickly arrive at the Bakie School for TA31.
Leg 32: 6.69 miles: moderate [map]
Runners will leave TA 32 on Route 111 and will head east towards the Town of Exeter. This road passes quaint farms and classic styled New England homes. The runners will turn right onto Powder Mill Rd. and follow this to TA32 - the Tuck Learning Campus on the right. Stay on the right hand side of the road or you might miss the turn!
Leg 33: 4.15 miles: easy [map]
Leg 33 continues on Linden Street and quickly intersects with Route 111 where the runners will turn right and follow through downtown Exeter. Use caution as there are a lot of pedestrians and cars in town. The runners will stay on Route 111 (which crosses under Rt. 101) until turning left onto Marin Way. They will then take their next left and go to TA 33 at the Timberland Corporate Headquarters on the right hand side.

Leg 34: 4.01 miles: easy [map]
Leg 34 leaves the transition at Timberland Corporate Headquarters and rejoins Route 111. The runners will follow this road into North Hampton where they will be cued up to cross Rt. 1 (very busy road!) and then continue down the road until they reach TA33 at the North Hampton School on the left hand side.
Leg 35: 3.41 miles: easy [map]
Leg 35 will find the runners crossing to the other side of Rt. 111 before making a sharp right onto Pine Rd. Form here, you will wind your way through some back roads that run parallel to Rt. 1 before arriving at TA35 – the Winnacunnet High School.

Leg 36: 3.98 miles: easy [map]
You are on the home stretch. The runners will travel along Winnacunnet Rd. and run right into the Town of Hampton along the coast. From here, they will head south along Rt. 1A and finally Reach the Beach!

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